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Better Together. Retail can be a complicated place. Daymon provides you with the people, knowledge, and tools to succeed.

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Make our sales team your sales team

Understanding local markets, retailers and their priorities translates into wider distribution – putting more of your products onto even more shelves. We build global relationships to create effective, strategic partnerships between our clients and their retail customers.​

Local Relationships

In-market experts understand regional dynamics and local needs to optimize your selling story​

Global Reach​

An international footprint provides a window to the world and expands distribution possibilities ​

Flexible Models​

Resources structured around your current and future needs – not a one-size-fits-all approach​

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Getting to shelf is only the beginning

We know managing the retail maze can be daunting. From forecasting to supply chain to promotional planning, our teams support your programs – so your sales team can focus on the rest of your business.​

Retailer Connectivity

Support across in-market teams allows us to react quickly to your customers’ needs​

Driven by Technology

Customized digital systems, including Daymon’s Supplier Database and Blueprint, enable cross-functional visibility and management​

Scalable Services​

Customize dedicated resources to analysts to reporting to match our level of support with the needs of your business​

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Shifting from information to insights

We invest in a suite of data and tools crafted to provide the information you need to power your business. From data to reporting to dedicated resources, we can provide fact-based insights for any budget.​

Data Analysis​

Syndicated data at your fingertips, ensuring an accurate and real-time understanding of the retail landscape​

Reporting & Dashboards​

Customized reports or standardized dashboards answering your key business questions, from market outlooks to category management to consumer profiles​

Dedicated Resources​

Dedicated analysts connected directly to your data and your sales team, providing maximum support​

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Building brands that matter today and tomorrow​

Daymon has been growing Private Brands for more than 50 years. Our global expertise, comprehensive data, and our understanding of market dynamics can help you plan for long-term, future growth.​

Expansion Strategy

Leverage global sales and consumer data to prioritize new markets, understand category dynamics, and target key consumer trends to make your next move


Understand key trends in flavors, ingredients, packaging, and categories to drive new product development and push continued program differentiation​

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Ensuring quality and specification requirements

Brand integrity is critical to drive sales and loyalty. Daymon’s comprehensive, customizable Sensory and Quality Assurance services ensure your product quality is consistent, accurate, and regulatory-compliant.​

Sensory Evaluation

Test product quality versus specifications, benchmarks, and regulations to ensure standardization and compliance

QA Consulting

Evaluate current assortment for product and label improvements to improve quality offering, ensure trend alignment, and ensure clear claim communication​​

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