Innovation is critical for Private Brands to drive differentiation, loyalty, and growth

In a sea of products, messages, and a wide variety of shopping channels to choose from, how do you drive a consumer to your store and convert a product from shelf to basket? Private Brands are on a strong growth trajectory as variety and quality continue to meet and exceed consumer expectations – and innovating strategically is critical to continue this trend.

Our 2023 Private Brand Intelligence Report identifies three key pillars of product innovation that align consumer needs with the shifting market environment. While no two businesses are the same, these Innovation Pillars provide a starting point for development and program expansion based on consumer targets, market influences, and innovation stages.

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The future holds immense potential for private brands to flourish as a key element of the manufacturing landscape

The manufacturing sector has been witnessing a challenging business environment in recent years. Fluctuations in raw material costs, changing trade policies. and geopolitical tensions have disrupted supply chains and resulted in high inflation levels, creating volatility and uncertainty.

Our Daymon Private Brand Manufacturer Outlook Survey, focused on the industry dynamics for, and by, manufacturers that support the Private Brand business – has enabled us to monitor this challenging context since 2022. In this year’s edition, we go a little further, trying to understand and anticipate the strategies that manufacturers are seeking globally to sustain growth and profitability.

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With the evolution of the shopping experience showing no signs of slowing down, Private Brands around the world are in a key position to expand and capitalize on rising opportunities.

Our latest Private Brand Intelligence Report provides a global perspective on the Private Brand industry and the three essential actions needed to update your current strategies, navigate today’s volatile retail environment, and guarantee long-term success:

  • Reinvesting in Private Brand Innovation
  • Developing a Holistic Private Brand Omnichannel Experience
  • Mending the Supply Chain Foundation

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